Call for papers - Revista Profissão Docente (ISSN: 1519-0919)

Proposal of the dossier

Research networks are a relevant space in the construction of knowledge, in the development of solidary and investigative processes, in the constitution of nucleus of excellence for the development of related themes, in the creation and sharing of databases and, consequently, in the development academic and personal development of its members.

Permanent dialogue between thematic reference groups, networks for the exchange of ideas, the socialization of proposals and research results are fundamental for the critical and judicious advance of theories, methodologies and inferences.

Considering that network research in education expands among the different graduate programs and segments of society, and wishing to communicate Brazilian and international experiences, this dossier is proposed.

The topics relevant to the theme of the Research Networks in Education dossier are as follows:

• Discussions on the creation and implementation of research networks.

• Discussions about theoretical references to contribute to network studies.

• Presentation and discussion of results of network investigations.

• Theories and problematizations of analysis models developed in networks.

• Contextualization of research networks.

• Epistemological and ontological analyzes of bibliographic productions of members of research networks.


Types of texts expected

Unpublished articles written by members of research networks in education on their research themes.


Acceptance of articles

Papers written in portuguese or, in the case of researchers linked to institutions of other countries, will be accepted in english or spanish, provided they have not been previously published and are not under evaluation for publication in another journal. We request that the articles be accompanied by a summary, an abstract and a summary.

Up to three (3) articles of members of the same Research Network may be hosted, provided the authors and co-authors do not repeat themselves. In each article, one of the authors should have the title of doctor.



The guidelines for authors and the rules for submission and publication can be found on the online page of the Revista Profissão Docente, which can be accessed through the links below. We kindly ask you to carefully read the sections before submitting the texts.


Additional Information

The evaluation process of the articles will be governed by the criteria stated on the website of the Journal Professorial Review, including the preliminary evaluation on the relevance or otherwise of the article to the subject of the dossier.

In a cover letter, we ask the authors to explain that the article will be part of the Research Networks in Education dossier and that they identify the research network of which they are members.